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Preview Take Back Your Power for an excellent overview of the Smart Grid Fiasco:


How to Opt Out of the Smart Meter SCAM


The goals of our grassroots group are to notify our fellow Orange County residents of the:



  • How to Retain Your Analog Meter (see below).


  • Current status updates on the fight against Smart Meters throughout California (see below) or via Facebook/Twitter updates.


How to Opt Out of the Smart Meter SCAM

1.    Call SCE at 800-810-2369 or 800-477-4455 (Spanish) immediately. You do not have to wait for SCE to send a notice. You may call to Opt Out at any time during business hours. You must call even if you got onto the other Delay Lists or Opt Out Lists in the past. Please tell your friends, neighbors and family and remind them to Opt Out.  You do not need to sign or return the SCE-provided letter; only a phone call is required. Other utilities can be reached at:

PG&E:    (877) 743- 7378;    SDG&E:    (800) 411-7343

2.    No reason needed. SCE may not require a customer to explain or state why they wish to opt out as a condition of opting out.

3.    Pay the initial Opt Out program fee  (optional:under duress/protest). When billed for the Opt Out, you could write a separate check for the initial $75 fee ($10 for CARE customers) and clearly write in the note section “Paid Under Duress/ Paid Under Protest”.  Be sure to keep a copy of the checks.  Alternatively, you may request to pay the $75 over a three-month period. You have 90 days from opting out to pay the fee. Mail the two checks (one for the penalty and one for the regular bill) and pay your bill on time.

4.    Each month, pay the Opt Out charge (optional: under duress/protest). Each month SCE will charge $10 ($5 for CARE customers).  You may wish to write a separate check for the Opt Out charges, writing in the note section “Paid Under Duress/ Paid Under Protest”.  Then, mail the two checks (one for the charge and one for the regular bill) and pay your bill on time.   Be sure to keep a copy of the checks.


5.    Complaints Against SCE? – Have you had a problem Opting-Out? Consumers Power Alliance attorneys need to hear from you. Please email your letters of complaint to Channing at with the notation "CPA Support – Letter of Complaint".


6.    File a complaint with the CPUC.    Explain your objections with Smart Meters and demand the termination of the program. They need to hear from you! and call (800) 649-7570


7.    Optional certified letter: As an alternative, mail the Opt Out penalty check along with a protest letter and send via certified mail return receipt (see sample letter at ).

8.    Option to refuse to pay. There are many customers that are refusing to pay penalties they view as extortion to maintain the health, safety, security and privacy of their families. If you choose this option, you can get some help here to Fight the Fees.  You can also refer to for more information.

9.    Option to Sue in Small Claims Court. Paying a fee to protect your health, safety and privacy is a form of extortion. For those opting out for medical reasons these fees could be a form of discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Public Utilities Code Section 453. To date there several successful Small Claims actions across the state have occurred. If you choose to sue, please sent an email to


10.  Register a complaint with  File a Smart Meter complaint at SmartMeterhelp.comYour complaint will be stored in a unified database that will allow grassroots groups fighting SmartMeters to accurately gauge the number of people who feel their rights to health, safety, privacy, and billing accuracy have been violated.


11.   Fight the smart meter fees on the basis of discrimination - For disabled and those with medical conditions (such as pacemakers) who choose not to have the smart meters for those reasons, you may request an accommodation. A doctor's support would be very helpful and possibly necessary. Send your letter to the utility. If you are denied, you may file a formal complaint with the Dept. of Justice ( Please see for more information and keep them in the loop if any of this is done.  That way we can have a few examples to file later with the CPUC, with your permission.

Additional Opt Out Information

1.    Removing the Smart Meter. SCE will come out and install a replacement analog meter. You need to insist that the meter is the type you had before (i.e., analog or non-communicating digital). Many customers are getting a Landis & Gyr type MX electromechanical meter as a replacement. This meter is not like the analog you had before. It is a Trojan Horse designed to be easily retrofitted with a wireless transmitting device. SCE must provide a meter form that you had previously.

2.    Still have your old meter? SCE will come out and install an orange Opt Out sticker on the old meter. Do not allow them to replace the meter.

3.    Enroll at any time, but only once per year. A customer shall not be allowed to request to participate in the Opt Out at the same residence more than once during any 12-month period.

4.    No TOU rates. When we called SCE they informed us that we were not eligible to participate in the Time of Use (TOU) rates. They said that we had to agree that we understand our ineligibility. This is an extra step that SCE is using to harass those opting out. This is NOT a condition of the program and should not have been asked.

5.    Delay List customers have at least 30 days. If on the Delay List, you should have received a letter from SCE. You have at least 30 days to call to Opt Out or your meter will be replaced with a Smart Meter.

6.    Blocking your analog. If you prevent the installation of a Smart Meter (i.e., denying access to the property or blocking access to the analog meter) you will be deemed to have elected the opt-out option...but you should call SCE to Opt Out just in case.

7.    Changing out the Smart Meter yourself. If you removed the Smart Meter from your home and replaced it with your own analog meter SCE has deemed you an Opt Out customer.

8.    Who can opt out? The “customer of record” (i.e., your name is on the bill) is the party allowed to Opt Out.


9.    FEES – Statistics  & How to Lower Them  - Current SCE interim fees are based on at least 61,000 SCE ratepayers opting-out.  To get the fees lowered, it means more customers must opt-out. If you want to help lower fees, you can encourage everyone to opt-out of this Lemon of the Century.  Feel free to distribute this fact sheet from Consumers Power Alliance.


More Actions to Retain Your Analog Meter:


  1. File a complaint with the CPUC and tell them you donʼt want the Smart Meter and you want viable “opt-out” options.  They need to hear from you! at and call (800) 649-7570
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  3. Contact your City Council and County and demand they pass a moratorium on the installation of any more Smart Meters (just like 11 Counties and 44 Cities in California as well as many other states have already done)
  4. Get the word out to your friends and neighbors.  We have flyers and action items you can do in our Get The Word Out! section.

Current Status

Immediate Action Items:

1.  Immediately call SCE Customer Service to request to be placed on the smart meter opt-out list.   Even if you have already called, already have a Smart Meter or have an analog or digital meter, please be sure to CONTACT SCE NOW AND BE PLACED ON THEIR SMART METER OPT-OUT LIST!   BE SURE TELL SCE THAT YOU WANT AN ANALOG (ELECTROMECHANICAL) METER ONLY.  CALL (800) 810-2369 (English) or (800) 477-4455 (Spanish). 

2.  Email Calif. Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey and Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa  See sample letter is below.

3.  Call the CPUC at 1-800-649-7570 to "demand a permanent, no-cost opt-out for all SCE customers (residential and commercial), with dismantling of all wireless infrastructure of the "smart" grid."  Statistics are kept on of the number of calls received - reporting and decisions are made based on these numbers - it's very important to call!

4.  To help defer attorney fees and assist in administrative costs, please donate $25 (or more) in an annual membership to CEP.  When you join CEP, please note that you are a member of Stop OC Smart Meters with their donation.  CEP has spent countless hours in fighting this monstrosity by filing legal briefs, making phone calls and keeping us all informed on CPUC proceedings.  We hope you find their website helpful and resourceful. 

5.  Forward this email on to your friends and neighbors.



Our Main Concerns:

1.  Forcing someone to pay fees to not be harmed and to not have their private data collected is a form of extortion.  One should not have to pay a tax for maintaining their Constitutional rights and upholding public health.  SCE clearly understands that if customers are offered a free (or low) opt out fee it would cause "unrestrained access to the opt out program".


2.  Privacy infringement is completely ignored and not even addressed.  Copious amounts of customer personal data are still being collected, stored, analyzed and sold to the highest bidder.  It's like a robber that breaks into your house, steals your jewels and tells you that he will keep them safe for you.


3.  The utility companies have been ordered to determine the actual cost of Opting out with an analog meter.  Further, this analysis should include a corresponding analysis regarding the savings that an analog will provide.  As non-participants in the expensive Smart Grid, opt out participants should expect a credit to their account.



On March 15th, a CPUC judge issued a proposed decision regarding a Smart Meter "Opt Out" Choice for Southern California Edison (SCE) customers.  We only have a few more days of public comment time to submit our thoughts back to the judge.  Also, after her final ruling comes down it will be much more difficult to "opt out".  Whether you still have your analog meter (and even if you got a Smart Meter installed) be sure to call SCE again and make sure you are on the Opt Out list.

It is said that there is no free choice where coercion, pressure or force is used. 

As a group, Stop OC Smart Meters joined with the non-profit organization Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) in response to SCE Opt Out proceedings. 

Keep in mind....there is absolutely no, zip, zero, nada benefit to the customer of having a Smart Meter on their home.




Opt-Out Proposal (March 15, 2012) Summary:

Below is a quick and dirty summary of what they are proposing and why it is inadequate.

New Fees:

Customers that choose to retain an analog meter will be double-charged for their electrical metering services.  SCE wants to charge customers additional fees of $75 up front and $10 per month thereafter.  These fees are on top of the costs that we all will bear for the new Smart Grid.  For example, an additional monthly fee of $1.60 per $100 (i.e., almost $5 on a $300 electric bill) will be charged to all customers (both analog and "smart") for the Smart Meter.

The CPUC has allowed SCE to pass on the cost of the new Smart Metering program to ALL customers in the form of increased fees and rates.   It is inequitable for those exercising their choice to retain the current analog metering system to bear the financial burden of paying for both metering systems.  If we choose one method of metering over the other then our monthly metering fees should reflect that choice.

Customers should not be charged for exercising their Federally mandated choice(1).  Nor should they have to pay extra to protect their families from illegal (unconstitutional) personal data collection, cyber insecurity, privacy violations (2), unreliability, lack of billing transparency and discrepancies, fire danger, and negative health impacts(3). 

These "Opt Out" fee amounts are only temporary.  The CPUC has ordered SCE to recompute how much it really costs to have the Opt Out program.  We suspect that higher fees will be proposed with no offsets provided for NOT using the Smart Meters.
SCE specifically designed the Opt Out fees to discourage customers from retaining their analog meters (4).


Rate Changes:

There is no guarantee that our current analog fee structure of monthly graduated (tiered) rates based on kilowatts used will remain the same. 

Smart Meter participants will eventually be moved over to Time Of Use (TOU) pricing which sets rates hourly based on the time of day with the 2pm to 6pm slot penalized with the highest rate. 

Analog Meter participants currently are billed using a monthly 5-tier graduated rate structure.  (For example, currently tiered winter rates on my bill start at $0.13 per kWh for the first tier up to $0.31 per kWh for the fifth and final tier.)  We understand that there is talk of removing the 5 tiers down to only one level and then imposing a penalizing rate set at the highest level.


Original Meter:

The proposal states that customers that choose to opt out will have their previous type meter returned to them whether it was an analog or a digital meter.  We believe that if a customer wants an analog meter then they should have the right to have one regardless of what type of meter was previously on their homes.


Both Residential and Businesses:


Currently, only residential customers have the option to opt out of the Smart Meter program.  We believe this choice should be available for non-residential customers as well.


No Limits on Opting Out:


No limit on opting out should be placed on customers, who have many factors that could influence their opt-out situation, throughout the calendar year. This is especially important for those who develop medical and/or other conditions that cannot wait a year for relief.

Solar customers should be eligible for the opt-out, with analog meters provided that are two-way.


Bank of Meters Not Addressed:


Those customers who live in multi-family housing (1/3 of all Orange County residents), such as apartments, condos and townhomes where there are banks of meters should be afforded special provisions.  Even if only one customer requests an analog meter, the bank of meters should be dismantled and changed to analog,


Collector Meters and Wireless Infrastucture:


All citizens and customers should be informed about the location and radiation levels of the large collector meters as well as the other wireless infrastructure that SCE has erected.  Collector meters should be removed from homes and businesses. 


Establishment of Safe Zones:


A safe zone of at least 2,000 feet should be established around a customer's home where he/she is requesting an analog meter. The safe zone would protect against RF radiation from neighboring smart meters or other wireless utility infrastructure.  converted to non-wireless infrastructure or moved outside the safe zone.



(1)   The choice whether to enroll in the Smart Meter program is properly left to the customer, per the Energy Policy Act of 2005, under Title Xll, Subtitle E, Section 1252, (a), (14), (C). It states:  "Each electric utility subject to subparagraph (A) shall provide each customer requesting a time-based rate with a time-based meter capable of enabling the utility and customer to offer and receive such rate, respectively."

(2)  Fourth Amendment ensures that the "...right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated...".  A government may not intrude into an area in which a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.  In our modern age, society views electricity as not just a mere convenience, but a basic human need.  There is only one source from which we can receive our electricity and that is from our governmental controlled and regulated electrical company, or SCE.  We should not have to expect that as part of our customer/company agreement to receive electricity that we would have to give up all rights to privacy.  We do not give my consent to copious amounts of data being collected, permanently stored and sold to the highest bidder.

(3)  The vast and growing consensus supported by independent researchers, including the May 31, 2011 World Health Organization, conclude that microwave radio frequency radiation emitted by wireless products, including Smart Meters operating in conjunction with a Smart Grid, pose a serious and unwarranted public health hazard. 

(4)  SCE's market research performed in September 2011 provided that 41 percent of residential customers expressed interest in an opt-out program given no information on fees. The participation rate decreased to 2.4 percent assuming a monthly charge of $20. Those rates decreased even lower to 1.4 percent assuming a monthly charge of either $25 or $30.

 Are you having problems with SCE?


It will be up to you to lawfully secure your meter.  Make sure to call SCE, Corix and the CPUC to complain.  They need to hear from you or they will do nothing.


Contact this representative (they are discouraging and patronizing) at SCE:

Ms. Pat Buttress, Southern California Edison
Public Affairs Region Manager
Brea, Fullerton, La Habra, Orange
Placentia, Tustin, Villa Park, Yorba Linda
1325 S. Grand Ave. Bldg. B
Santa Ana, CA. 95705
P.O. Box 11982
Santa Ana, CA 92711-1982
Fax 714-973-5752
Cell 714-271-4174



Are Smart Meters "Mandatory"?


There are scholars on the other side of the aisle that say the Smart Metering program was initially established as an option that was to be made available for the customer to chose it as an option.  For a thorough analysis take a look at this website.


What does a leading health expert say about Smart Meters?


Dr. David Carpenter, Harvard Medical School-trained physician who headed up the New York State Dept. of Public Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany, where he currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment is an expert in EMR.   “An informed person should demand that they be able to keep their analog meter,” says Dr. Carpenter.


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  • RITA R. (Monday, October 21 13 02:24 pm EDT)


  • Xeddie (Sunday, December 02 12 08:40 pm EST)

    The last Southern California Edison Meter Reader will be laid off by Dec 21, 2012.
    Happy Holidays.

  • No Smart Meter (Thursday, September 20 12 04:54 pm EDT)

    I live in Simi Valley which is in Ventura county and Corix is making the rounds here. The first time they came by, someone knocked on the door and I didnt answer it. Never do. About 5 minutes later I checked to see if anyone had left anything. They did. It was "We have just installed a smart meter...." I went around the back of the house where I have posted on the gate and on the meter "NO SMART METER". The guy was getting ready to take the analog meter out. I asked him if he could read. He didnt answer. I then kicked him off my property. A month later someone came back. I have locked the gate now, and it stills has a sign. He knocked and rang the door bell for a good 20 minutes. Then I started getting calls a week later from them that showed up on my caller ID. I didnt answer. Now! Im getting letters in the mail. I had called Edison and told them I did not want a smart meter before all this started. They asked me if they could charge me for opting out. I said "NO. You are not extorting money from me for doing NOTHING. And reading the meter is part of the charge for electricity." We shall see what happens next. I will fight this the whole way.

  • Raymond Goodman (Tuesday, September 18 12 08:50 am EDT)

    I opted out quite some time ago to leave my analog
    with a prescription from my dr. They tried to put a smart meter I declined. Have previously contribued financely to cause and have called edison to tell them of my decision to retain my analog. Have never had a smart meter.

  • HLSStudent (Monday, July 23 12 04:08 pm EDT)

    July 23, 2012: Corix showed up at my house today to install the new Smart meters. I found this website and read everything while I was on hold with SCE waiting to speak with a representative to process my opt-out. I have been watching this issue with the smart meters for months and I knew the day would come where we would be required to switch. The representative at SCE did confirm to me that there would be a $75 penalty for non-compliance with the smart meter installation. She confirmed that the penalty is a one-time charge. In addition, she confirmed there would be a $10 monthly fee added to my bill to cover the expense of billing and meter reading. I spoke with the Corix installer and confirmed with him that neither he nor anyone from his company will touch my meter today or in the future. He said that my home is on the opt-out list now and only a sticker will be placed on my meter to indicate the home is on the opt-out list. I took several detailed photos of my meter in the event someone from Corix or SCE comes out and replaces my meter without my consent. My meter is not behind a gate and is virtually unprotected against the will of SCE. In the end, I believe the $10 monthly charge for non-compliance is worth the negative features of the new smart meter, even though I resent having to pay a monthly fee to keep the same meter and billing that has been in place since I bought the house seventeen years ago. It is amazing that SCE is able to get away with this; I feel my rights and freedoms are lost forever. The U.S. is no longer the land of the free; it is the land of the controlled dependents.

  • Debbie (Friday, July 06 12 04:34 pm EDT)

    Thank you for this great info & help. I'm doing all that's listed to stop this nonsense & extortion.

  • TellTheWorld (Sunday, July 01 12 11:44 pm EDT)

    The new electric smart meters are like smart phones and can do many different things (like apps) Besides reporting usage and turning on/off by remote the new meters can report the position of RDIF chips. Remember the U.S. Government paid for all the new smart meters not the power companies (The power companies employees don't know anything) The government can hide a very small RDIF inside something (ID cards, Passports, drugs, guns, ect.) and track it anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Terry Maness (Sunday, June 10 12 03:25 pm EDT)

    We just received notice that they will charge us fee's to opt out plus additional fees. I just filed a complaint with the Attorney General's online letting them know this is a threat and SCE is discriminating and harrassing us. I have printed alot of materials for research and have no clue as to why they are getting by with this. I read that it also is a violation of the Federal & State Wiretapping Laws?

  • Dennis Goldstein (Thursday, June 07 12 01:01 pm EDT)

    I removed a smart meter and replaced it with an analog on my house after pleading with Edison and CPUC. Now there charging me $250. or they shut my power off Monday. I have a garden, where's all the honey bees?

  • DAVE APPLEBAY (Thursday, June 07 12 11:50 am EDT)


  • Anthony Derubeis (Monday, June 04 12 07:08 pm EDT)

    How is it possible and or legal to extort payment from me for something I do not want or need? Do we have any recourse other than as outlined on your site?

  • Help (Wednesday, May 23 12 09:08 pm EDT)

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation...Cites Human Health Impacts of Chronic Exposure to Radiofrequency (RF)
    Source: PR Newswire (

  • My kids Mom (Saturday, May 05 12 07:00 pm EDT)


  • Safe life (Monday, April 23 12 08:37 pm EDT)

    Check out

  • MeterSmasher (Sunday, April 22 12 10:09 pm EDT)

    Lock your gates! Keep Corix out! Remember the SCE meter readers and field personnel are loosing their jobs because of the installation of smart meters by Corix. Be nice to them, ask them if they have seen bad smart meters.

  • kerry (Tuesday, April 03 12 11:30 pm EDT)

    What do we do? My husband and i just got this ridiculous bill. SCE said they had to back bill us for the last few months. Our bill last month said $$ it is at $1000.00+! WTH!!! They told my husband we have to pay or service is off. We didn't even know these meters were put in...and this bill is ridiculous! I am so upset. I want this all removed and everything back to where it was! Help??

  • SCE MeterReader (Wednesday, March 28 12 03:46 pm EDT)

    I'm an Edison meter reader and you guys need to know a couple things.

    A) we meter readers you see in the rangers and striped shirts are losing our jobs to this. We don't want this any more than you do, so give us a break and tell your neighbors not to yell at us as this screws us the most.
    B) you guy's are doing a great job of getting this out there as we are seeing more and more of these. But don't be fooled, corix gets paid by the meter and they want to change your meter. Lock your gates, post signs, get a neighborhood watch for corix going!
    C)lastly, whether or not they keep manual meters or not, SCE is still not approving any budget for meter readers for 2013. We have been told that we will be out of a job by Jan 1, 2013. Spread the word about this company that is getting rid of jobs and taking food off of families tables.

    SCE MeterReader

  • Anonymous (Friday, March 23 12 07:59 pm EDT)

    I have a reasonable solution that will befit both parties

    SCE and others could easily setup a website & hotline for residents to voluntarily report their meter readings.

    They already have websites and automated phone systems for usage. A customer could easily go to a website or call into an automated system and input their account number and meter reading. This system would automatically record the time of the reported meter reading and echo back a confirmation number for reference.

    Customers could be expected to report their meter reading “..on or about..” the recording date that is already on their statement. A penalty could be imposed for people that are excessively late on reporting meter reading, and SCE is already comfortable with making-up meter readings when they don’t have one. I have already seen SCE make up meter readings based on previous usage when they don’t have one in the past.

    If voluntary meter readings are suspiciously low they could simply send out an inspector to verify the reading. They already do this as part of their billing dispute process.

    This solution is relatively inexpensive as almost all the resources to do so are already in place. SCE gets their automatic meter reading and we can keep our analog meters!
    It’s a win win solution.

    Please tell everyone about this solution.

  • mike (Friday, February 17 12 08:28 am EST)

    Hi guys,

    I just added your site to our blogroll.

    Best wishes,

  • Dr. Adams (Thursday, December 15 11 12:56 pm EST)

    Edison can not charge you more money to have the meter remover or manually read if you have a medical reason. The Americans disabilities act protects people with medical problems against discrimination. When you talk with people at Corax or Edison be nice, get their full names from their employee ID card, notify them they are personally responsible and will be named in any lawsuit.

  • Vicki (Monday, December 12 11 01:32 pm EST)

    Back in April SCE disconnected my electricity for nonpayment. I will be able to pay my bill in two weeks but am concerned about the fact that SCE continues to bill me each month for service I have not had and bill increases. They told me they could not give a final bill until the new meter is installed and have been very persistent trying to get on my property to make this intallation. As is stands There is a meter they called ERT Meter which looks the same as the SmartMeters, definitely not the old analog, they installed because I have dogs and did not answer the door for meter reader. I am nearly bedridden with chronic illness and developed increased sensitivity to EMF and the last thing I need is more exposure. Is there any other option for power to my home? Is SCE it? I am not sure what I should be doing to protect myself and how to deal with this.

  • Jenny (Friday, December 09 11 12:33 am EST)

    I called today to complain about the smart meter. I wish I knew more before they installed it. I let them know my concerns about my family's health and especially my son with special needs. They put me on "the list" and will be out to remove it within 30 days.

  • EES (Wednesday, November 23 11 07:33 pm EST)

    Thank you for your very informative site; my son and daughter in-law live in your area and I am very worried about their future. Your Florida friends stand with you in this fight against the tyranny of Smart Meters.

    -Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters (CHASM)

  • maria (Friday, October 28 11 10:14 pm EDT)

    Beware If you still have an analog meter I would suggest you read your own meter on the date that's stated on your bill for the reading. Write it down & when you get your bill compare the numbers.
    Since my neighborhood now has Smart Meters I decided to read my own analog meter just in case Southern California Edison did not send someone out to read it. When my bill came the reading on the statement was higher than the reading I took. I called SCE & they stated that they did send out a meter reader. I filed a complaint against the meter reader for over charging me.

  • Melissa Levine (Thursday, October 27 11 03:09 am EDT)

    Radio interview "Smart Grid Sensibility" with science writer B. Blake Levitt and Duncan Campbell, Esq gives background and issues with the Smart Grid system and what we need to do about it, and I highly recommend. (I will do a synopsis at another time.) (You need to scroll down to this talk)

    I also would rank this web site, in terms of the respected in the field independent scientists/researchers whose work (interviews and writings) appears on it--to be highly reputable and reliable. It is a site, with many audios and other resources, worth taking the time to explore.

    PS. If the link does not work on this, click my name and you can get it from the Yahoo group post

  • Melissa Levine (Wednesday, October 26 11 04:00 pm EDT)

    There were about a dozen people who spoke about Smart Meters at last night's Irvine City Council meeting, which I think is a very respectable turn out for an issue which most of us weren't even aware of until very recently. There were also supporters in the audience who didn't speak.
    This is the link

    The first person spoke during the Healthy Irvine, Green Initiative section. He was quite elegant in his theme of what we lose from Smart Meters.
    His talk beings at 1:08 on the video.

    The other Smart Meter speakers begin at 134.25

    Mayor Kang had reduced our speaking time to just two minutes each. What was very nice, though, was that even though most of us had never met --the different speakers touched on (or reinforced) different issues with the Smart Meters, so
    that there is a kind of balanced discussion of concerns.

    PS. I also sent a follow up letter to the City Council (reference list of reputable and helpful links/articles) which I posted on the yahoo group.

  • Melissa Levine (Sunday, October 23 11 12:55 pm EDT)

    Two Items

    1. New Yahoo Group

    2. Irvine City Council Meeting, This Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
    Public Comments will be heard at 6:30 PM, 3 minutes each
    City Council Chamber, One Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA

    Residents who are opposed to the blitzkrieg Smart Meter Installation which is sweeping Irvine and the rest of Orange County
    are invited to speak up and help raise public awareness about this issue. Whether you choose to speak or not,
    please help pack the City Council member chambers–to show our City Council that we want environmental impact report,
    more safety measures, and the City Council to support an Opt Out for Smart Meters.

  • Melissa Levine (Sunday, October 16 11 07:56 pm EDT)

    Second Comment. When I talked to Edison today, I asked if they could send out someone to measure the RF radiation similar to how we can call if we smell a possible gas link. The person on the phone told me that they are not doing that--that the device has already been tested and approved. . .
    This seems irresponsible--especially if this is a device which can vary in its emissions or possibly malfunction.

  • Melissa Levine (Sunday, October 16 11 07:32 pm EDT)

    Thank you very much for setting up this web site. I am an Irvine resident (near Turtle Rock) and yesterday Corix was in our neighborhood installing these "smart meters." When I went out to ask him if they were the "controversial meters" which emit RF radiation, he said he didn't know and suggested I check the web site. I did--then walked down the street to track him down and request he put my analog meter back--which he did.
    My two adjacent neighbors' smart meters, however, are pointed toward our house--and the neighbor I talked to didn't even know it had been installed.
    I will try to attend the Tustin group. Is there also a group of Irvine residents working on this--to work with other groups but with our own city as well?
    Melissa Levine

  • John (Sunday, October 16 11 05:09 pm EDT)

    To Susan Brinchman: Thanks for taking the time to compile and offer the public speaker details of the Oct. 7th CPUC meeting in LA.
    A video of Ms. Barris' conversation w/CPUC's Mr. Peevey is now on the front page of
    Keep up the great work!
    PS: For an accurate record,I am the guy that was the last speaker that Friday, first name is John.

  • DAWN MARTIN (Saturday, October 08 11 08:04 pm EDT)

    I am filing a complaint in Federal Court on Mon. 10/10/2011 to have my smart meter removed, as I have been very sick since it's installation. Too sick to go into detail; dizziness, nausea, insominia, tiredness, etc., etec.

  • Susan Brinchman (Friday, October 07 11 06:58 pm EDT)

    A big thank you to all who attended the meeting in L.A. yesterday! You were all awesome. This is so important!
    I just watched the whole public comments segment, which runs from 50:00:00 (approx) to 1:42:00 . If I missed any, plse correct and resend to me, will reissue. All speakers were outstanding! A big thank you to those who attended. This week there will be four CPUC meetings in San Diego County, I plan to attend several.

    Notable speakers on radiation/smart meters:

    50:00:00 (approx)
    Sandy Aders, outstanding job, spoke about her health being ruined by smart meters and nowhere to go, vision ruined, both she and husband developed cataracts within months of exposure
    Dorothy Sheldon, wants program stopped, has friend with vertigo from it, public health at risk
    1:01:03 Maureen Homec (Orange County) , spoke on all factors in general then on privacy and security (head of
    Man 1:12 (OC) spoke on health concerns and Dr. Johansson's letter to the CPUC and Dr. David Carpenter's concerns about smart meters
    Shane Gregory (Burbank), has teflon brain implant for several decades, on SSI, living in car due to smart meters, uninhabitable apt., losing her home, nowhere to go when they all get deployed, meters and mesh network a danger
    1:24:00 Kiku Iwata (Burbank Action) magnificent job
    people being made sick within sanctity of home by smart meters, submitted abstracts about EMF sensitivity, list of demands to drop the program
    1:28:37 Elizabeth (Liz) Barris, LA resident magnificent job
    explained to Mr. Peevey how she cannot occupy her apt without sharp pain in head from pulses, cannot sleep if there, is sleeping in her car for 2.5 months since moving to apt with smart meters, has cold due to sleeping outside, Edison wants to charge $4000 which her landlady wants her to pay if they return her to analog, she can't afford this. She pleaded w/ Peevey to do the same thing he did with the man in SF, to instruct Edison to remove smart meter and restore analog at no cost, asked can he please do this, made eye contact w/ Mr. P...He indicated that the Edison reps there were giving him an affirmative...
    Linda Stock, Calabasas (representing herself but head of Calabasas Committee on Science and Technology)
    wants no cost optout plan, which the committee has recommended the Calabasas city gov't support
    Connie Hudson - optout of digital meters be allowed, she has an email from someone in Europe assciated with WHO's decision (IARC?) who wrote that smart meter emissions are covered by the rf radiation 2b carcinogen decision. (we need to obtain that document)
    Terry Siemens (Coachella Valley) thanked Peevey for decision to retain analogs (delay), described how her kitchen is uninhabitable from the smart meter of a neighbor that is 20 feet away, has thousands of volts of electricity running under house and yard, wants solutions
    1:37 Ellen Franken (Calabasas) spoke about how astounded she was that such a plan was developed in a covert (hidden) manner, headaches and sleeping problems have resulted, FDA recognizes that rf radiation interferes with implanted devices and millions can therefore die from this program
    1:39:40 Gary Hedrick (San Clemente Green) made comments about concerns about San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant
    1:40:20 Charles Black commented on smart meters, rf as class 2b carcinogen, not being told of risks, wants the smart grid rollout stopped, return to analogs at no cost

    1:42:00 end of public comments portion

    Susan Brinchman,
    Founder / Director Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP)
    Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)
    American Coalition Against Smart Meters
    Smart Meter Dangers
    Center for School Mold Help (national 501c3 nonprofit)
    Educational Speaker's Packet: Reasons to Say No to Smart Meters
    P.O. Box 655
    La Mesa, CA, 91944-0655

    “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” Winston Churchill

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • T (Friday, October 07 11 01:56 am EDT)

    Would like to let people know that there will be approximately 5 homes picked in each tract or area (that have good clearance and THEY will get different meters that will be receiving 24 hour a day data from all of the neighboring homes. Those 5 meters will then transmit all that info to the base station in Irwindale(?) So it's even worst than I thought. Who wants to be one of the 5 homes receiving mega doses of radiation in comparison to the already dangerous amounts emitted from the "regular" smart meters?

  • maria (Thursday, October 06 11 05:37 pm EDT)

    Beware of SCE:
    If your on the SM delay list call back & confirm you're on it. I just found out that I was not put on the SM delay list until the END of Sept.. They said they had no record of the Certified letter I sent at the beginning of Sept. & no record of all the calls I made during the month of Sept. when I was trying to confirm I was on the SM delay list!

  • maria (Monday, October 03 11 07:52 pm EDT)

    Answer to Cindy's question re: rule #16. the CPUC(California Public Utilites Commission) states ultility co. employees shall at all times have the right to enter your property to service your electicity or gas. However this does not apply to customers that are on the Smart Meter Delay list. CPUC ruled that SCE, PGE etc. can not come on your property to change your meter to a SM without your consent.
    Inaddition you are not required to give a reason why you don't want a Smart Meter. Judge at Sept. 14, 2011 workshop stated "no reason has to be given if you want to be on dealy list."

  • Cindy (Monday, October 03 11 12:03 pm EDT)

    Okay, I guess that this is the Tariff Rule 16, rule 11 that the technician was trying to intimiadte me with:

    11. Access to Applicant's Premises. SCE shall have the right to enter and leave
    Applicant's Premises for Non-Emergency purposes connected with the furnishing of
    electric service (e.g. meter reading, inspection, testing, routine repairs, replacement,
    maintenance,etc.). When necessary, SCE will make prior arrangements with
    Applicant for gaining access to Applicant’s Premises. For Emergency purposes only,
    SCE may enter Applicant’s Premises at all times, without notice to Applicant, and may
    exercise any and all rights secured to it by law, or under SCE's tariff schedules.
    These rights include, but are not limited to, Access to Applicant's Premises.
    a. The use of a SCE-approved locking device, if Applicant desires to prevent
    unauthorized access to his/her property containing SCE's facilities,
    b. Safe and ready access for SCE personnel free from unrestrained animals,
    c. Unobstructed ready access for SCE's vehicles and equipment to install,
    remove, repair, or maintain its facilities, and removal of any and all of its
    property installed on Applicant's Premises after the termination of service.

    Is just showing up on your door step prior arrangement? The Tech that showed up on my door was trying to tell me that I signed something when I bought my house and I am going to get a new meter whether I want one or not....What does replacement include? Parts, new meter?? SCE has access to my house no matter what?? Not regarding my health and privacy....

  • Baltar (Sunday, October 02 11 01:25 pm EDT)

    If Wireless Radiation has no ill effects then how come?

    Electro-Sensitivity (ES)

    Electro-sensitive people suffer from a variety of symptoms in close vicinity to electromagnetic fields, Wi-fi, mobiles, DECT phones, baby monitors, certain light sources etc: Headaches, Speech problems, dizziness, chest palpations, tinnitus, pressure in the ears. sweating at night. skin irritations, pins and needles in the hands in the mornings, short-term memory loss, nauseas, joint aches and pressures at the back of the head as well as in the sinus or forehead area.

    Even if you are not ES yet, it is beneficial to turn off your Wifi over night, as well as to ban electrical items, your cordless phones and mobiles from your bedroom. You will sleep much better and are less likely to have an interrupted sleep pattern. Usually waking around 4 am.

    Another simple test is to stop carrying your mobile on your body (chest or trouser pockets). in many cases people experience the so-called “phantom text messages”. This describes a situation where every now and then you think you had a text message, when keeping the phone in your pockets, but when you checked there was no message. Some even suffer from heart palpitations. If that is case, just try for a while to carry your mobile in a bag or switch it off, while you have it in your pocket. ( Phone Logging onto mast )

    If you want to find out more: (Canadian website)
    mobilewise com

    Mri and ES symptoms?

  • Cindy (Sunday, October 02 11 12:56 pm EDT)

    Corix tried to come and install my meter yesterday and I refused. I did not know that I need to do all of the delay installation stuff. The technician was not going to leave until he got a reason for my refusal, so I just walked away and locked the door. He told me that I was going to have to install it anyway because of article or title 16 when I bought my house? Has anyone read about that?

  • maria (Saturday, October 01 11 02:32 pm EDT)

    SCE has turned a deaf ear to our calls & letters. Since the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) has authority over SCE regarding the SM, flood the CPUC with calls or file complaints at their website. Show the CPUC that SCE is circumventing & not complying to the CPUC rulings.

  • Charyl Zehfus (Saturday, October 01 11 01:45 pm EDT)

    Welcome to the fight! Here in Wisconsin, our numbers are small, but we are working on public awareness, a step at a time.
    It is up hill, since most people have not heard there is a problem with smart meters, and the utilities are going very slowly with the stages of implementation, with the goal of charging us more depending upon what time we need to use energy. (THIS is horrible for the elderly or disabled, who will have to try to "interact" with their energy use online and figure out what to do about it.)

    Anyhow, bless you all for your work.

  • Jeanne Goodin (Saturday, October 01 11 10:01 am EDT)

    Thank you to the courageous leaders of this endeavor! SMART
    METERS are a danger to our health and our privacy. There are
    studies now that corroborate our concerns.
    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 at S
    -109hr6enr/ df BILLS-1096enr.pdf. The entire bill is 550 pages
    of very fine print. Here is another place to find the bill (click
    on Text of Legislation). The federal law DOES NOT mandate the
    utilities to install smart meters in homes. It ONLY mandates
    the utilities to "OFFER" THEM AND TO INSTALL THEM "UPON
    Concerned citizens are outraged that installers of SM are coming
    into their property without their knowledge or approval! We are
    still FREE CITIZENS, and we live in a FREE REPUBLIC whose
    representatives, elected by us, are to respond to us! So
    continue your phoning, letter writing to your leaders and to
    Edison that SM are not our desire and that analog
    meters have worked for us in the past and we want them re-
    Its wonderful observing that we still have Paul Reveres in
    our midst.

  • Jeanne Goodin (Saturday, October 01 11 09:33 am EDT)

    It's wonderful to see that citizens are becoming involved in alerting their family, neighbors and friends to the dangers
    of the SMART METER! The Energy Policy Act of 2005 can be found at df/ BILLS-109hr6enr.pdf. Another place to find the bill: (click on Text of Legislation). The entire bill is 550 pages of very fine print. This federal law DOES NOT MANDATE THE UTILITIES TO INSTALL SMART METERS IN HOMES. IT ONLY MANDATES THE UTILITIES TO "OFFER" THEM and to INSTALL THEM "UPON CUSTOMER REQUEST". This is still the land of the FREE and ONLY with citizens asking questions, participating in this endeavor and NOT STOPPING their questions and comments will THE SMART METER issue be resolved. We MUST continue our involvement! My "thank yous" to the leaders of this endeavor for their steadfastness, courage to take a stand, the many hours researching SMART METERS and being "Paul Reveres"! Let's ALL CALL,and WRITE Edison our thoughts on this issue.

  • Paul Burke (Thursday, September 29 11 04:22 pm EDT)

    What about a nationwide Class Action Lawsuit against the entire industry to remove all smart meters in America and new laws on the books to protect our bio energetic health with safe Energy Medicine!

  • Chris Felicijan (Thursday, September 29 11 04:01 pm EDT)

    I'm interested in working to get the information out in the OC. I'm with the Center for Electrosmog Prevention. Please email me.

  • Maria (Thursday, September 29 11 03:04 pm EDT)

    Put locks on your gates as well as securing your meter!
    Corix tech, SCE contactor to install Smart Meters, was in my neighborhood this week. I did not answer my door when he rang just to see what he would do. To my surprise, even though I am on the SM delay list, he still tried to go through my gates so he could install the Smart Meter. Fortunately I had locks on my gates. My neighbor is also on the delay list. Corix tech tried to get to his meter but could not because my neighbor has a dog. The Corix tech continued down my block & each gate he found unlocked he went in & installed a Smart Meter.
    I spoke to a CPUC consumer affairs representive. Rep. stated that customers on the SM delay list can not be forced to have SM installed & SCE-Corix have no right to go on their property to install them. Importantly he said the Smart Meter delay list allows customers to delay installation of Smart meters "UNTIL" the CPUC decides on an Opt-out program. So, if you know of anyone in which a Corix tech. tried to force them to install a SM or if they had a SM installed at their home, even though they were on a SM delay list, call the CPUC consumer affairs & ask for the person that incharge of Smart Meter problems or go the CPUC website & file a complaint. SCE claims problems with customers are very few. So lets flood the CPUC with complaints & they will see that SCE is circumventing & not complying with CPUC ruliings!

  • Administrator (Wednesday, September 28 11 04:00 pm EDT)

    A picture of a Smart Meter is in the banner. It has digital readouts instead of dials.

    It appears that even though you get on Southern California Edison's Delay List, post signs and mail certified letters, if you do not have the analog meter secured in some way then then installation will take place.

    I am sorry to say that SCE and the CPUC are not honoring their own program.

  • Peri McMillan (Tuesday, September 27 11 02:05 pm EDT)

    I'm quite concerned about these so-called smart meters and want to know how exactly you're able to tell whether one has been installed on your property. Do they all say "Smart Meter" or how do you know?

  • Susan Brinchman (Sunday, September 25 11 09:25 pm EDT)

    I am so glad to see this site! Plse feel free to go to and to find resources and info. Love your site! Let's collaborate! We have two board members in Orange County. Let's talk!

    Susan Brinchman,
    Founder / Director Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP)
    Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)
    American Coalition Against Smart Meters
    Smart Meter Dangers
    Center for School Mold Help (national 501c3 nonprofit)
    Educational Speaker's Packet: Reasons to Say No to Smart Meters
    P.O. Box 655
    La Mesa, CA, 91944-0655